My First SSD Flash Drive attempt failed (learn from my mistakes)

My First SSD Flash Drive attempt failed (learn from my mistakes)

You need to build your dream SSD flash drives to remove slow file transfer speeds, data loss and USB thumb drives and Hard disk drives crashes from your life.

Building an SSD flash drive needs an SSD and SSD enclosure case. So, what if you knew the right SSD to buy and the USB enclosure case for that specific SSD?

A simple solution to get you building SSD flash drives correctly, every time.

You get super-fast SSD flash drives.

Building SSD flash drives can be easy.

Way back when I was utterly new to SSD. I had seen different SSDs on blog posts, videos and I was mesmerized by how much faster things get when using an SSD.

I saw how you could use an SSD to make your computer faster, increase boot times, software processing times and significantly increase the overall system performance.

The solution was an SSD. It was smaller than the traditional hard disk drive and was said to be stronger, faster and more durable.

So, I thought to myself, what’s not to love about using an SSD and back then in 2015 my computer was getting slow or was not performing fast enough even after upgrading to 16GB RAM.

Having 16GB RAM on your laptop in 2015 was a big deal, and I thought it was going to be my speed deal breaker, but I was wrong.

Long story short, I did some research and found out that I needed an SSD to take my laptop performance to the next level.

So, I bought an SSD!

Yes, I finally did it. I finally got an SSD, and this was going to change my life forever.

But, I was wrong.

Yes, I bought an SSD, but I didn’t buy the right SSD for my laptop. I realized that after my SSD arrived and I couldn’t seem to find anywhere to put in my computer.

I was frustrated!

You all know that SSD drives are not cheap right? So, I felt like I just wasted a whole of money. It was bad.

The SSD Flash Drive Idea

Fast forward 3 years later, after failed attempts of trying to find a good price to sell my SSD, I watched a video on how to create the ultimate SSD flash drive.

Meanwhile, I bought a new business laptop around December 2017 with an SSD (obviously). I wasn’t going to get another laptop without an SSD drive.

So, I finally enjoyed the benefits of having an SSD drive on your laptop, SSDs are truly a blessing – I could finally enjoy the benefits of using an SSD drive.

Ok, finally I found a good use for my SSD that had laid idle in my closet for years.

I was excited to be able to use my SSD for something finally.

Around that same time, my 2-year-old 2TB external hard drive was getting slower and giving me errors especially while transferring large PC games, or movies or TV shows.

So I decided to build an SSD flash drive around December 2018.

I searched online and found some SSD enclosure cases, then I searched for them at local stores around me and found one.

I did it! I found an enclosure case for my SSD to turn it to an external SSD flash drive that I could use to transfer large files with high super-fast transfer speeds.

I bought the SSD enclosure case, came home, unscrewed the case, put in my SSD and something wasn’t quite right.

My msata SSD wasn’t the right fit for the SSD enclosure case I purchased.

This was the second disappointment for me. After waiting for three years to put my SSD drive to use, it was all going bad right in front of my eyes.

I was able to return the SSD enclosure case and got a full refund. Thank goodness!

At this point, I became determined to build my first SSD flash drive.

I was prepared for anything because I have gone through them all, so I know what to do to make an SSD flash drive correctly!

My SSD Drive Mistakes

  • I did not have a clear understanding of what I wanted to use for my SSD
  • I did not know about the different SSD types, keys and form factors
  • I bought the wrong SSD for my laptop
  • I bought the wrong SSD enclosure case for my mSATA SSD

Lessons to Learn

  1. Have a basic understanding about SSDs before you make any purchase
  2. Have a clear goal for buying an SSD. Do you want to use it as an external storage drive or use it as an internal drive to boost your sluggish, maybe old and outdated laptop or computer? or you want a portable powerhouse in your pocket ready to perform lightning fast transfers and a perfect place to store your sensitive more important documents free from crashes and virus.
  3. Know the type of SSD your laptop or computer supports.
  4. Buy the right SSD enclosure cases for your SSD so you build your dream SSD flash drive.

Your SSD Flash Drive Journey

Join me through this SSD flash drive journey as we rid ourselves of slow transfer speeds when using USB flash drives and hard drives and move to the future of storage – SSD as we build beautiful and functional SSD FLASH DRIVES.

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